Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015 Gorge Paddling Film Festival : Immersion Research Arch Rival Drysuit

We all know that very few companies walk the walk like they talk the talk like Immersion Research. Truly a "for paddlers by paddlers" company, they are stepping it up again to support the great work of First Descents and the Gorge Paddling Film Festival by pitching in for one of our best prizes yet, an Arch Rival Drysuit! Made with IR's proprietary WhiteOut laminate to withstand years of abuse, the Arch Rival is bound to make one of our film fest winners a very happy (and dry) paddler!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 Gorge Paddling Film Festival : Werner Prize Package

Werner Paddles is celebrating their 50th Year handcrafting paddles at the Gorge Paddling Film Festival! Year after year, Werner keeps crankin' out the most durable and innovative paddle designs. We could not be more thrilled that they have agreed to celebrate their "birthday" by joining us in supporting First Descents and providing a prize package that anyone would be stoked to win! A top of the line, premium fiberglass Werner paddle, to fit the winner, a Werner hat, belt buckle and sweatshirt to help you represent! Get those cameras rolling and fire up your editing software - this sweet set up could be yours!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 Gorge Paddling Film Festival : Astral Prize Package

Astral GreenjacketMany, many thanks to the good folks at Astral for joining us in supporting First Descents! We are proud to announce a ridiculously cool prize package for one lucky winner of the 2015 Gorge Paddling Film Fest of an Astral Greenjacket and Astral Rasslers! We know safety is your first concern (it's ours too, of course) - enter the Gorge Paddling Film Festival to have a chance to get yourself right with a safety vest and kicks from Astral!

Astral Rassler

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Punchbowl Falls Park: Board of Commissioners Meeting Thursday March 19 at 5 pm

Location: 601 State Street, Board of Commissioners Meeting Room 

The Board of Commissioners will be meeting on Thursday night to consider the Park Advisory Committee's plan for Punchbowl Falls as a County Park. It is very important that the community attend this meeting to show their support for the project. 

Those of you who formerly used Copper Dam Road to access the Hood River know only too well that public river access through private property is a very precarious thing. Public ownership of Punchbbowl Falls as a County Park is the best way to preserve access in perpetuity. If you value the Punchbowl Falls property as a community asset, please come and let the commissioners know that they should protect and preserve it for future generations. 

If you can't make the meeting, send the Commissioners an email 

Write a letter 

This is a once in a generation opportunity to save a magical spot for public use. Community support is what will make it a reality. We need support letters to submit with the County's grant application for acquistion funding from Oregon Parks and Recreation. Share the story of why you love the property and why it should be a public park. Letters can be sent to Heather Staten

Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Gorge Paddling Film Festival Request for Entries

The Kayak Shed is proud to present the inaugural Gorge Paddling Film Festival, benefiting First Descents, an organization that provides life-changing outdoor adventures to young adults impacted by cancer! We're looking for your most creative & inspiring 5 minutes of original footage to be judged by a panel of whitewater pioneers and world famous whitewater photographers and videographers. Three submissions from each category will be selected to be shown on April 24th at River City in Hood River, Oregon. Attendees of the film fest will make the final voting decisions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in professional, amateur and "young gun" categories. $10 cover at the door will include film festival admission, voting tickets, after party and will go directly to First Descents! Film makers, grab your best footage, invite all of your buddies and let's raise some money for a great cause! Doors open at 7pm, films start at 8pm, band starts at 10pm.


Professional Filmmaker category:
1st Place: $750
2nd Place: $300
3rd Place: $200

Amateur Filmmaker category:
1st Place: Immersion Research Arch Rival Drysuit
2nd Place: TBD
3rd Place: TBD

"Young Gun" category (under 21):
2nd Place: TBD
3rd Place: TBD

John Hart - Kayak Shed grand poobah
Jock Bradley - Whitewater and action sports photographer
Chris Emerick - Whitewater and action sports videographer
Ron Reynier - Gorge whitewater pioneer
Charlie Munsey - Whitewater and action sports photographer

Submission instructions:
Upload your original HD video (5 minutes or less) to Vimeo with a private setting. Create a password. Send the link & password to Submissions due 4/17/15.

Fine print:
Content must be original; non-original content will be disqualified. By submitting your content you are agreeing to allow both the event and the Kayak Shed to post the content on various social media channels to promote future First Descents fundraisers or Gorge Paddling Film Festivals.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's Make Punch Bowl Falls Park Happen!

Hey friends - If you've ever been to our neck of the woods to paddle, you've likely visited Punch Bowl Falls and have probably also seen a boater or two (present company included) drink a bootie in the name of a swim. Regardless of any carnage it's caused, Punch Bowl Falls is a special place to locals and visitors for it's beauty & recreational opportunities. Please read the letter below from Heather Statan - this is a great opportunity to make a very special stretch of land available to the public for future generations!

photo courtesy of American Whitewater

If you ever go to the area around Punch Bowl Falls near Dee to swim, fish, kayak, hike or just enjoy nature you know what a special place it is. Hood River County is considering acquiring the property as a County Park (check out their website ) But they need to know what the community thinks. They've asked me to help coordinate the public outreach effort  . . . so I'm reaching out to folks like you. Nobody knows the area better than locals--please share your ideas.  Feel free to pass on this email to anyone you think might be interested.

Over the last few years, Western Rivers Conservancy purchased over 100 acres of pristine land along the Hood River to conserve critical habitat and provide public recreation access with the idea that the property would eventually be sold to the County as a public park. It is a magnificent 1.5 mile stretch of river, including Punchbowl Falls and the confluence of the East and West Forks of the Hood River (see site plan or topographic or aerial map of the property). The area has been a favorite swimming hole and fishing spot for generations, it now also sees frequent use by rafters, kayakers and outdoor education programs.
While locals have a long history of treating the area as if it were a public park, it is, in fact private property. If Hood River County is unable to acquire the property, Western Rivers Conservancy may be forced to sell it on the private market. A private sale would include a conservation easement to protect river habitat but it is likely that public access would be eliminated by future owners.
The first step towards creating a public park at Punchbowl Falls is a community visioning process. What kind of recreation opportunities should exist there? What improvements should be made and what should be left alone? How should we protect wildlife habitat?
Let us know what you think: 
  •  Attend the public forum next Tuesday January 13  6-7:30 pm at the County Administration Building, 601 State Street, Hood River. A second forum will be on Feb. 10.
  •  Take this short online survey
  • Volunteer to serve on our Park Advisory Committee 
  • If you know the property well or use it a lot, do a stakeholder interview

If you have questions, or want to join the advisory committee or do an interview, email me or 541-490-5225

Thanks so much.

Heather Staten

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday 2014 Shipping Schedule

It's that time of year for all of you procrastinating Santas that slept in on Black Friday and are just now putting together your Christmas shopping list: who can get you what and when?

We here at the Kayak Shed aim to please, but since we don't have turbo speed reindeer like Santa and are confined to carrier logistics, here is our schedule for December 2014:

Last Days for Free Express Shipping (USPS, 1-4 day ship time):
United States: December 17th
Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID): December 19th
Portland, OR: December 22nd

UPS 2 Day: December 22nd

Have any questions? Give us a call! 541.386.4286 or drop us an email.