Welcome to our Blog

Exciting ... we've started our own blog. Our mission is fairly simple - that is - to provide you with some fun reading, river information, product changes & updates, and let you know what we've been up to. Example: Lane Jacobs just got back from a cool trip to Canada and scored a first D on the way. We'll have him post some fotos and a write up on what went down. Sounded like they made lemonade out of lemons for sure. Outdoor Retailer show has come and gone but there are several cool new boats coming out that were not at the show.

I'm always a bit self consious when writing this sort of thing so bear with me as our blog grows. Thanks for reading and thanks for your business.


Here's the photo Jenn wanted me to post... I woke up with that on top of my sleeping bag about 6 miles from where "Alive" (plane crash in the Andies) took place.