Pyranha Everest - Sneak Peak

Pyranha has kept this one fairly quiet. We have heard very little from them about what they have up their sleeve for new 2008 products untill now... Looks like Pyranha is coming out with a biggie sized Burn aka: Pyranha Everest. Cool! I've heard very little besides rumors about this boat. The only thing I know for sure is derived from the following images taken at HQ Pyranha R&D in England (I just found some dimentions and expected ETA into the US end of September update added 9/5/07).

The blue boat is the Pyranha Everest the orange is the Large Pyranha Burn

Seems from the angle of the image Pyranha wants us to guess as to the Everests length. Guessing 4" longer?
(Well close guess turns out the large burn is 8'4" Everest is 8' 7". update added 9/5/07)

The Everest has a higher deck than the Burn and less edge to the hull. Looks like they are going with less sporty performance and an even greater river running spectrum- like the name would suggest - expedition paddling say Stikine? Homathko? Also looks like it would be great for the big guy (say 220 lbs to 280 lbs?) looking for a first kayak.
(Width wise turns out Pyranha Everest is same 26" width as Large Burn. update added 9/5/07)

Again looks less edgy and more rounded than the Burn. Also seems to maintain a flatter hull - although the darker blue color can hide chines and edges - still seems flatter and more rounded than the Pyranha Burn.
360 view at
Hope to have sizes and dimensions for you soon.