Still time to win a Stohlquist GPOD drysuit

This is a repost but... a good reminder to win a Stohlquist GPOD drysuit!
Fall is the time of year to start thinking about drysuits and this year Stohlquist is coming out with a brand new three layer breathable drysuit with Relief Zipper and socks. It's called the Stohlquist GPOD . The Stohlquist GPOD isn't even out in stores yet and when it does come out (a month from now) it'll retail for $619. That's a smokin' deal considering the top of theline features - but an even better deal is the one the Kayak Shed is giving away! How do you go about winning this sick new drysuit? Easy! We're bringing in a bunch of Patagonia jackets and Arc'teryx jackets this winter and want to form a "kayakshedblog "club" so we can give you guysspecial deals and discounts. All you have to do to be part of thisand enter for a chance to win the new Stohlquist GPOD is sign up for our newsletter at . If you're super cool and you've already signed up for our newsletter, we'll need you to register again - because this is how we'll know you're our Blog reader: in the box on the registration page under "How can we improve our site", tell us the name of wrestler that died in the movie "Old School" (hint it's 2 words 'aged' and a color' and also the oldest member of the frat). We'll do a random drawing on Nov. 15th out of all the correctentries/registrations and custom order your new Stholquist GPOD for you (yoursize, men's or women's) so that it's here in time for that firstwinter run down the Hood or White Salmon. And even if you don't winthe GPOD, remember - you're still a winner! We'll be sending out Kayakshed BLOG special discounts on Patagonia jackets and Arc'teryx jackets once amonth or so (NO SPAM, WE PROMISE! and it's easy to unsubscribe - if you want to), all winter long. Shoot me an email (john at kayakshed dot com) if you have anyquestions or need any hints on the llama's name.Check out the drysuit at: Stholquist GPOD