Womens Kayaking trip to Costa Rica

Womens Kayaking trip to Costa Rica
Sounds pretty amazing to me. Heather Herbeck is going to lead this trip to .... heaven for paddlers. What's up?

Women's "Paddle and Pamper" Series Schedule of Events
Women's Paddle and Pamper Series Kick-Off - COSTA RICA March 22nd - 27th 2008
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
River: Sarapiqui - Class II; Rio Pejibaye - Class II (III)
Instruction: Roll practice, eddy turns, ferries, edge control, paddle strokes, scouting, and more
Pampering: We're in Costa Rica - it's all about pampering!
Womens Kayaking trip to Costa Rica

The link above has the more specific information about this event. It's going to be awesome . . . warm water, warm weather, just women, fitness and relaxation . . .

Heather Herbeck in her Pink Jackson Rocker!

More info on Jackson Kayaks

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