Jackson Hero

Finally! We just received our first shipment to the Kayakshed of the Jackson Hero. Looks better than expected. Don't get me wrong I was expecting a good river runner / creeker. However this looks like a GREAT river runner / Creeker. What do I mean? Well I was expecting a down tuned boat ... something like the Mamba or the Diesel. No offense Mamba or Diesel owners but those boats are more designed for entry paddlers. Not that a highly skilled paddler can't have a ton of fun in them - but hey confluence didn't design those boats for you. They designed them for the entry market.

Back on track. The Hero is looking amazing it has edges! They go from bow to stern and look aggressive to do something and yet soft enough to not tangle you up. The Bow looks like a Pyranha M3 of years past. Lots of volume and edges. The Stern is very rounded with again lots of volume. The Boat is shorter than I had imagined which sets it apart from it's competitors(Pyranha Burn, Wave Sport Diesel, Dagger Mamba). That's cool. It almost makes it's own category. Like the Pyranha Ammo does. In fact to describe the Hero I'd have to combine the Ammo, Burn, Nomad, and the Fun. Mix them up and there you go - you got the Jackson Hero.

Can't wait to get it on the water. We just unwrapped the boat and are waiting for more. Will give you more feedback after we get to paddle it!