Gorge games kayak results:

Gorge games kayak results:

Thanks to all of you that helped make this happen. It was the first year for the Gorge Games in quite a few years. Consequently, it's great to have them back and obviously a successful rebirth of the games.

Kayaking events successfully went off with very, very few issues. They were well planned and executed safely and fairly. Thanks to those that helped make them happen.

First off we didn't have a single injury. Safety being our main goal, we can say we easily met that goal.. Thanks for all the help from Absolute Safety via Jeff Prichard, Safety boaters, Klickatat County Search and Rescue, On Shore Safety Volenteers, Cave Safety Crew: Dave Grove, Dr Durkin, Val Shal, Brandon Backman, along with many others.

Second we had fun. The games are a good time and they're designed for each event to carry the spirit of each specific sports genre. I'd say we also easily accomplished that.

Third we competed. We held a very fair and open event for all paddlers to test themselves against some of the worlds best. We did have to narrow down the field of competitors in the extreme race to only 15 men for safety reasons - sorry to anyone who did not qualify that wanted to. Timing accuracy was questioned by an athlete or two. However the timing was spot on accurate. Period. Thanks to the help from all the timers. We did have an issue with the 'laser finish line' at Top Drop Pool. Turned out we had tested it several times prior. However the tests were done after work in the evening - not mid day in high sun conditions. So day of the time trials we had an hour delay due to testing of timing equipment. That was our only hiccup of all events. A one hour delay. There was some questioning about Head to Head heat finishes. Any issues we discussed as organizers then discussed with the athletes and making decisions involving all parties to mitigate any bias view points.

Event results:
Time Trials:

Heather Herbeck bib 101 first run 46.19 second run 42.39
Austin Rathman 103 bib first run 40.24 second run 38.86
Tony Skrivanek bib 102 first run 44.23 second run 39.30
Andy Maser bib 106 first run 38.71 second run 38.27
Lane Jackobs bib first run 37.59 second run 37.58
Moninca Gokey Saturday racing only
Tao Berman bib first run 37.19 second run 36.80
Toby Robertson bib first run 39.83 second run 39.17
Samuel Sutton bib first run 35.69second run 38.40
Bradley Lauder bib first run 38.56second run 37.75
Honza Lasko bib first run 38.29second run 37.80
Evan Garcia bib first run 38.08second run 39.08
Benjamin Hawthorne bib first run 41.08second run 40.03
Rob Virostek bib first run 54.41second run no2nd run
Ross Henry bib first run 39.27second run 37.97
Todd Anderson bib first run 37.13second run no 2 run
Jon Jansky bib first run 47.70second run 42.30
Lana Young bib first run 49.19second run 50.01
Tristen McClaren bib first run 37.48second run 39.41
Ian McClaren bib first run 38.01second run 40.19
Jamie Wright first run 41.61 second run no 2 run
Greg Hoskins first run 45.60 second run 39.00
Stan Prishard first run 41.43 second run 43.17
Brendan Wells first run 43.35 second run 40.66
Todd Wells first run 46.05 second run 46.24
Cooper first run 50.09 second run no 2 run

Mens Extreme Race:
1 Tao Berman 127.47
2 Samual Sutton 131.13
3 Honza Lasko 132.69
Ross Henry 134.28
Andy Maser 137.34
Evan Garcia 138.24
Todd Anderson 138.78
Lane Jackobs 143.90
Toby Robertson 147.58
Tony Skrivanek 149.87
Ian McClaren 150.76
Tristen McClaren 163.62
Austin Rathman 163.69
Bradley Lauder 164.67
Greg Hoskins DNF

Womens Extreme
1 Heather Herbeck 179.18
2 Lana Young 218.00

Boater Cross Head To Head:
1 Samual Sutton
2 Tao Berman
3 Bradley Lauder
4 Ross Henry

1 Kate Howell
2 Heather Herbeck
3 Monica Gokey

1 Devin Morton
2 Brendan Wells
3 Rob Verostek