Basement Sale Saturday October 11, 9 AM

As you all know we are cleaning out the basement of all rental and demo boats. It is going to be a huge sale! We have put together the long awaited list of all the boats and their sale prices. Don't forget about the store-wide sale happening that day too, as well as the BBQ - all happening in the back parking lot of the Kayak Shed in Hood River. Saturday, October 11 starting at 9 am. Give us a call if you have questions!

White Water Kayaks

Rocker $525 used
Mega Rocker $549 used
Hero $549 used
Super Hero $599 used
2 Fun $575 used
Fun $599 used
4 Fun $625 used
Super Fun-green $625 used
Super Fun-yellow $649 used
All Star $649 used
Super Star $625 used
Fun $799 brand new cosmetic blem (full warrantee still in wrapper)
Fun $799 brand new cosmetic blem (full warrantee still in wrapper)
2006 Hero $299 brand new

Small Ammo $675 used
Medium Ammo $575 used
Large Ammo $625 used
Small Burn $625 used
Medium Burn $599 used
Large Burn $625 used
Medium Rev $649 used
Seven 0 M/l $599 brand new
Seven 0 M/l $599 brand new
Recoil L $699 brand new
M3 233 $599 brand new

Liquid Logic
CR 250 $699 brand New
Hoss $649 brand New
Little Joe $649 brand New
Trigger $649 brand New

Perception Boats:
Torrent $399 used
Torrent $399 used
Torrent $399 used

Recreational and Touring Kayaks
Mirage Revolution $1200 used
Mirage Outback Fish $1200 used

Sundance 12 $299 used
Prodigy 10 $225 used
Carolina 14 $199 used
Carolina 14 w/rudder $899 brand new

Agent $699 brand new
Blackwater 12 $199 used
Wilderness Systems:
Tsunami 12.5 $525 used
Tusanami 12.5 $849 brand New

Easky 13 $299 used
Easky 15 $599 used
Capella 16.6 $799 used
Easky 13 $499 brand new
Easky 15 $699 brand new

This covers the big hitters. There will be a few other used boats and gear to look forward to. And along with the store wide sale, we will be having some killer sales on some NEW boats too! See you Saturday!