New Astral Life Jackets

New Astral Life Jackets! Check them out!

For all of you who have not tried the new Astral PFD's yet, you should definitely jump on that!

The new men's Astral Willis and the women's Astral Bella are low-profile and fit great! This jacket feature lots of room for good range of movement, a side entry that also provides good padding and protection for your ribcage, and buckles instead of zippers. Don't be fooled by its low-maintenance look - there are 3 pockets under the chest flotation - a small zippered pocket, a throw bag packet, and a mesh pocket for throwing things like a knife or granola bar in there. There is a nice lumbar support in the back. And the shoulders/torso length is my favorite feature - it is adjusted by the buckles down in the front of the jacket - no bunching under the shoulders like you get with shoulder strap adjustments. Both these jackets are made with PVC free GAIA. These look and fit great!

A lot of you have heard a lot of hype about the new Astral Green Jacket . And yes, we are still waiting for those to become available. Without having seen them in person, they look pretty impressive. It looks like the fit will be similar to the Willis, with a lot of other cool fit and safety features. Coming soon…stay tuned for more information…

Other new Astral PFD's - The Astral Grunion, which is built for fishing with all it's accessory pockets, and the kids PFD, the Astral Otter. Continued on another season because they are such great jackets are the Astral Norge, the Astral Abba, the Astral Tempo 200, and the Astral Wonder Jacket.