Vibram Five Fingers Reviews

We just sent out our newsletter asking those of you who have purchased Vibram Five Fingers from us to help us review them. We figured you would be the best source to help out anyone thinking about purchasing a pair. Obviously they are not your ordinary footwear and consequently lots of people have lots of questions about them.

So, thanks to all of you that replied with reviews on your Vibram Five Fingers. We had a lot of replies and it will take a while to get them all up. In the mean time here's a couple:

"i absolutely LOVE my Vibram KSO Five Fingers, they are so amazing, i get complements everywhere i go, i introduced them to a local kayaking store and they all ordered a pair from, they are comfertable and they give me the best grip, whether im kayaking or fishing, or just messing around on the beach or at the river, i definetly recommend them to everyone! - K"

"Ordered the Five Finger Flow over 4 months ago and have enjoyed every minute of it, what a wonderful product. People always stop me to ask whats on my feet, I feel like a sale representative for Vibram Five Fingers explaining all the great uses I get out of wearing these shoes. I wear them to the beach and it makes walking on the rocks safer. They are also great around the house while gardening or washing the car. I love that they feel very comfortable and natural to wear almost like I am bare-foot. -A"

"Greetings! I received your Halloween e-mail and decided to provide some reviews of Kayakshed. I will make these as objective as possible, pointing out what I see as the good and bad points about the shoes: Five Fingers Sprint These are my preferred model, as they provide excellent protection for the bottom of the feet when practicing "barefooting," since going truly barefoot in our modern environment carries the inevitable risk of having glass shards or other matter piercing the bottom of our feet! The lack of any support allows the body to learn how to properly walk and run, a skill that most people lack, as they are used to having an inch of cushioning beneath their feet at all times. The shoes are minimalist in nature and as a result, weigh practically nothing. One truly does feel barefoot when walking around in them, except for an odd sensation which will take some getting used to, almost like wearing gloves on one's feet. The soles are thick enough to be protective, but still thin enough that the wearer can freely feel the ground underneath, whether it be grass, concrete, or small rocks and dirt. This also aids in regaining the natural sensitivity of the feet in regar ds to the stability of the ground beneath you. Five Fingers Sprint allows easy on and off (with only some momentary awkwardness as one learns how to fit each toe into the little sleeves while donning the footwear), while still allowing excellent stability with the top strap that fits over the foot. This can make for some unforeseen consequences, such as having a tan "rectangle" on the top of one's foot, but as this is only visible when truly barefoot, I doubt most people would mind, and if it is truly an issue can switch to another model, like the Vibram Classic or the Vibram KSO. I actually prefer this model over the Fivefingers KSO model, which I also own, due to the ease of taking on and off. The Vibram KSO sleeve, while much more protective, is consequently harder to work the foot into and out of, and while it does indeed "keep stuff out," there is a limit to the stuff it will keep out, as dirt and sand still slip in. Vibram Five Fingers Sprint, because it can easily be taken on and off, allows for q uick removal and cleaning while on the hoof, whereas the KSO can mak e this too much of an inconvenience to bother with until resting. Other than the covering over the foot and a slightly altered strap design, the construction of the KSO and the Sprint are identical, and both nonetheless make excellent shoes. To conclude, the Sprint is an excellent all around model of the Vibram Five Fingers, and I would recommend it for just about any activity one can think of. I personally have used this shoe for day to day walking around, "barefoot" running on pavement, parkour, martial-arts, hiking, and even swimming when out in the wilderness. Even with the relative thin-ness of the sole, my current pair of Sprints lasted almost a full year of daily use before finally wearing a hole through the sole, at which point I switched over to the KSO. I am quite satisfied indeed with these shoes and will be a repeat customer for as long as they are manufactured. At least twice a day I get questioned about my "strange socks/shoes" and always end up explaining what they are, and recommending that they look at Kayakshed, so if a strange amount of business has been coming out of the Orlando area, that may be one reason why. :) - R"

More reviews to come. There is an amazing review at

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