How to get a Cat for your Dog

We're big fans of our new shop cat. Hobie cat, that is. You can sail, you can peddle, you can paddle... What's not to love? And now Hobie just announced trampolines for the Mirage Adventure Island! In addition to adding more fun (who doesn't like trampolines?), they also do the following:

* Add space for carrying gear (so you CAN take that extra fishing pole)
* Allow you to move weight outboard for better performance in windy conditions
* Comfortable sitting or laying down position (pass the tanning lotion!)
* Carry additional crew / kids / pets (does not increase basic weight capacity)
* Reduce spray in cockpit

Want to give the 'er a try? We have a demo at the shop! Come on down and take her for a test sail/peddle/paddle!

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