Attack at Wells Island

Last night was a balmy 100 bazillion degrees (plus or minus) in Hood River, so we took the Hobie Sport and Revolution out to cool ourselves and the dog off. Starting from the new dock, Wells Island is a great out and back paddle (or peddle, in this case), so we loaded up the dog and headed out into the Columbia.

Out on the water, it really was the perfect evening - much cooler than in town and the water is nice and warm this time of year. We did a couple re-enactments of our favorite Tour de France stages - Schleck vs. Armstrong - and then John lured me through the moss/weed barrier around Wells Island with promises of a secret lake.

No sooner had he put one foot out of the boat than our situation turned to something like this (but replace bees with mosquitoes):

Our leisurely peddling took on a whole new urgency on the way out of there. In the process, we found an unexpected benefit of the Hobie kayak: hands free paddling allows you to take care of a lot of attacking mosquitoes. That said, next time we venture to Wells Island at dusk, we'll take bug spray.

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