Big announcement from LVM!

ASHEVILLE, NC – Asheville, NC production company Penstock Productions, creator of Lunch Video Magazine, is introducing a new kayak line. “We feel there is a need for more choices for consumers” says Penstock’s President John Grace. “We are launching a line of innovative, athlete inspired boats to help fill that void.”
Grace, who has been conducting market research for 5 years, is asking consumers and professional’s alike what they want to see in a kayak. Kept secret for years, the company wanted to make sure they had their product dialed before introducing the new line. “I didn’t even know about this until several weeks ago” says Will Lyons, the company’s brand manager.
LVM plans to release customizable kayaks with a full line of accessories. “When you pay $1000 for a new kayak, you want to get maximum value for your purchase” say’s Grace. To support this, kayaks will have features such as interchangeable outfitting to fit all their designs and revolutionary new Compression Deck System for safely running large waterfalls.

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