Hey! It's not April! LVM comes clean.

Fine. I fell for it. Shoot - WE fell for it! We feel a little used, but we'll get over it. And we'll even tell you that for 2010 LVM will be available in Blu-Ray! It's not a new boat line, but it's still pretty cool.

Airplane grade Carbon Composite WingStays (TM) lie poised, ready to deploy as soon as you pull the trigger in your Huckin Hood(TM). As soon as you do, these babies unfold and expose their mylar/kevlar/carbon/kevlar/mylar (that’s 5 layers) laminate sails to the zephyrs which will carry you safely to your landing zone. Using a high pressure nitrogen deploy valve, these wings are guaranteed to deploy in 1/4sec as soon as you pull the trigger. Pull back on your OSH’s while tucked safely behind your HuckinHood(TM) and fly yourself to safety. The only question that remains is “How big and fast are you willing to go?”

If this “accessory” isn’t enough to tip you off that this kayak exists only in our dreams than we don’t know what will. Although we eat, drink and sleep whitewater our focus is on making kayaking videos, not kayaks.

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