Outdoor Retailer : Day 1 : And Finally...

As we ran from appointment to appointment today, there were a couple of times we got a little whiplash as we caught something we liked out of the corner of our eyes. Here are a couple of those products.

Camelbak has a new UV purifier called All Clear. It attaches to your standard Camelbak bottle and has a timer on it to let you know when to move the water around (maximum exposure to the UV light) and when you're done. For $100 you get the battery powered version and a 1 liter holder (so you can purify a liter of water, put it in the holder and do another liter in your bottle), for $130 you get that plus a USB connector that allows you to recharge the filter off any USB port. The battery powered version can be upgraded later to the rechargable version.

The bottle line up continues to do very well for Camelbak, so we'll continue to see improvements and accessories - like this running sleeve - for them in the future.

Predator has some great looking helmets this year. I didn't get the best picture of this full face helmet (maybe I'll get a chance to shoot it again tomorrow) but the fade and racing stripes (not visible) look good and the fitting options were great!

Tahoe SUP gave us a run through of their product. Their product package comes with a nice, adjustable fiberglass paddles as well as some good base fins. We're looking forward to getting these out on the water!

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