Outdoor Retailer : Day 1 : Kokatat

There was definitely a buzz at the Kokatat booth today: film cameras, product demos, very important people being very busy.. Our good friend, Lisa Beckstead-Kincaid, is spearheading Kokatat's foray into social media and blogging. We're really excited to hear stories of adventure and instructional advice from their very impressive roster of professional athletes as well as multi-media product information and demos. It sounds like they're well on their way and it shouldn't be long - we'll let you know as soon as we hear that they're up and running.

In the meantime, while Kokatat kept their product line up the same as last year, they did have some exciting news and some color updates. Right now, their least experience seamstress has 2 years under their belt. TWO YEARS! Top that! Because of that and increased efficiencies, they're going to be bringing in some product that has previously been assembled in China. That's right - everyone else is moving production to China, Kokatat is brining it back home. Well done, guys!

On to the colors! Some new ones: citrus (yellow), lime and some newer favorites: aqua, plum and cobalt.

Also worth noting: the Ronin Pro and the Seeker bootie. We're always looking for great rescue vests and low profile booties that can still do the work and these are great entries by Kokatat into those niches!

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