Outdoor Retailer : Day 1 : NRS

NRS always has such a great product mix, we're a little like kids in a candy store with those guys. This year was no different!

Kids, Pyranha and Jackson have boats for you - NRS has the layers! New "KidSkin" pants and tops on the way!

NRS is working with a new 2.5 waterproof/breathable fabric that they're upgrading a few pieces to. The Endurance jacket, the Payette Jacket, the Sea Tour Jacket, the Endurance Pants & the W's Carolina pants will all receive the new treatment and increased performance (without an increased price!).

This is a bit of a side note, but Go Girl is getting a lot of press here at the show. Not to be outdone, NRS will be including a Whiz Freedom (with convenient carrying pouch) with every women's Inversion kayak drysuit. Here's a big round of applause on behalf of every girl who has taken care of business the old way!

One of the things we're really excited about is the new "donut cuff" that NRS is integrating into their product line. The new Rogue and Maverick gloves will be 100% waterproof thanks to this cuff and fully welded/taped seams. Both gloves will be available Nov/Dec - just in time for winter boating.

There are a couple of new booties in the mix - the Sandal Sock and Sasquatch utilize the donut cuff construction on the calf and look like solid entries into the boating footwear niche. The Sandal Sock is 2mm and is fairly lightweight while the Sasquatch is a much more solid shoe with textured rubber sole that wraps around the toe box.

And finally, two new PFDs are in NRS' mix this year. The Ninja is a low profile, side entry PFD that has a couple of hand warming pockets, 16.5 lbs of flotation and is modeled below by Kayak Shed Grand Poobah, John Hart. The Rough Water is a take off of the existing Bit Water Guide PFD with a little less flotation and a little lower profile.

On a personal note, many thanks to NRS' Mr. Lingo and Team ODP (Massey & The One Who Shall Remain Nameless) for hanging out with us at dinner. You guys give us street cred. Sorry the picture doesn't do any of you boys justice.

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