Outdoor Retailer : Day 1 : Stohlquist

Speaking of great PFD's, Stohlquist had three new additions this year, two of which we're particularly likin'. The Descent and the Rocker both use "Wrapture" foam - foam that is pre-cut to be... well, round. This means that when you put the PFD on, it doesn't feel like it's two pieces of foam stuck to your front and back - it's wrapping. Both are side entry and have a nice little piece of padding in the back that allows for additional air flow.

From this point on, the Descent takes it into the PFD realm. A self centering buckle won't move when pulled side to side, but will release when pulled straight back. Another great feature is the front pocket which is perfectly size to hold Stohlquists new throw bag, the Whitewater Bullet.

Since we're all about the PFDs and booties, we also picked up the WaterMoccasins and think they might make a really nice LIGHT duty water sock.

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