Outdoor Retailer : Day 1 : Teva

Teva has come up with some really great shoes and sandals that we're excited about and hope you are too.

First off is the Itunda. With two points of adjustability (once it's set, you leave it and you're in and out with the buckle), Spider Rubber, side heel drainage (so the drainage ports don't get clogged) and a very solid 3/4 shank, we think this is one of THE picks for water shoes at this year's OR.

The Tanza has that traditional Teva look, but with Spider Rubber, a REALLY comfortable "Shoc Pad", and a $70 retail price, this definitely feels like the upgraded version. Oh - and we like the simple, clean colors on this as well. Check out this orange!

What do you do if you're a paddler than needs a water shoe but you've got your street cred to uphold and wouldn't be caught dead in a girlie booty? Check out the Gnar. This actually came around last year, but we still like it. The camo area of the shoe is all drainage. From river to roach coach - boys, you have a new shoe.

The Katavi Slide and Thong. Great looking sandles, the first time Teva has done slides for men in years. We're glad they're back.

Ladies, the time has come for river sandal fashion and function to merge. Check out the Tirra: Spider Rubber, Shoc Pad, 3 points of adjustment. Let the boys go river to roach coach - we'll go river to restaurant.

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