Outdoor Retailer : Day 2 : Treksta

Treksta is a shoe that's new to the US market, made by a Korean manufacture that's been making great shoes for approximately 20 years - both their own brand & others.

We heard a lot about these guys around the show floor - they had a block of ice out front to promote one of their primary technologies and differentiators: ice lock technology. Check out the sole of this shoe: with weight on it, it's got amazing traction on slippery stuff. That said, they definitely wanted us to know that this doesn't mean it's just winter footwear - the shoes and boots with ice lock technology are great year round footwear that just happen to be great on ice/snow.

The other technology Tekstra was promoting at the show was Nest Fit. Rather than using a standard shoe last, Treksta has created their own based on the foot profiles of literally thousands of feet. This more realistic last means that the shoe has a much different fit than your standard runner/hiker. John declared this to be the most comfortable shoe he's put on - and for a guy that rarely steps out of his flip flops, that's saying something.

With three lines (Trail, Venture & Stride) that address the light hiker, technical and casual categories and competitvely priced between $100 - $120, we'll be looking to see more and more of Treksta around.

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