Outdoor Retailer : Day 2 : Vibram

Vibram has so much coming out in their FiveFinger line-up for this fall that we won't even talk about spring 2010 yet.

New colors for the Sprint and the KSO: all black for women and black in orange. We'll be getting those just in time for all of you who like to match to your season and need some new Halloween shoes with an October shipping time.

We're really excited about the new KSO Trek that's coming out. Yes, that's leather you see there, but check out the sole - this shoe is meant for running and hiking! And elastic cuff makes this shoe really comfortable and machine washability (let it air dry) keeps is easy. We'll also see these in October as well.

We know many of you use your FiveFingers for yoga and pilates and Vibram clearly sees that too as there is an all new shoe specifically for indoor use. The Moc and Performa have a very lightweight, minimal sole on the bottom and very buttery leather on the top. These should make for a much more exciting holiday gift for all those folks you were thinking of getting slippers for!

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