Part Two of the Big LVM Announce

We're hoping the team over at LVM is going to keep showing us some previews of what's to come from their newly announced line leading up to OR '09. Which reminds me... we'll be there. We'll post & load pics while we're there to give you the inside scoop on what's to come!

On to the news - the Huckin' Hood:

With the recent excitement surrounding running large waterfalls, we feel boat designs need to evolve as quick as this popular new aspect of the sport. One of the common problems associated with running these drops is what happens when you hit the water. You get slammed on your back deck, your paddle get’s ripped out of your hands, often leading to a dangerous swim.

The optionally attached Huckin’ Hood eliminates this. Here’s how it works: The Huckin’ Hood has “O.S.H.” (Oh S*%t Handles) secured inside of it. When the paddler runs a large drop, they can safely throw their paddle, and slide their hands into the hood. Here’s the catch: The OSH’s are actually quick releasing hand paddles which are secured within the hood. Upon safely reaching the bottom of the waterfall, the paddler simply removes their hand paddles and hand rolls to safety. We feel this development will help safely push the limits of our sport, while providing consumers with what they’ve been asking for.

Head over to LVM's blog to post your thoughts.