And the winner is....

Oh come on, we can't give you the winner right off the bat - where's the fun in that?

Here are the final 7. Why 7? Why not? (Winner at the bottom for those of you that are so impatient you cheat and read the ending of the book first - you know who you are.)

CPL Preston Crow is a US Marine currently in Iraq finishing up a year long tour. He's spent his summer (ok, his last 4 months since we're guessing it's perpetually summer there) using his Vibram Five Fingers to run in Iraq. CPL Crow, from us at the Kayak Shed, great picture & thank you for your service!

Jens Eliasson has been using this Vibram Five Fingers for a little kiteboarding this summer. He tells us that previously, kiteboarding meant a lot of cuts and bruises on his feet thanks to some unfriendly pebbles and rocks. With his Vibram FiveFingers, Jens says those bruises and cuts are so last summer and he's now got improved traction as well - all with a barefoot feel. Kite on, Jens!

Yiftach Aloni joined a cargo ship that supplies the island of Vanuatu three times a year (that's it!) and visited many of the villages there. The people of Vanuatu were exceptionally hospitable and as repayment, Yifatch would entertain them with juggling and slacklining (in this Vibram FiveFingers, natch), making quite a name for himself on the northern islands. Great adventure in your Vibram Five Finger KSO , Yiftach!

Gene Park spent this summer hiking around Maine in his VFFs, getting in much if the MITA (Maine Island Trail Association) trails and exploring Acadia National Park. This shot is from the overlook of Frenchman Bay in Acadia National Park. Fly, Gene, Fly!

Chris Engle went rafting with Adventure Sports Center International in Deep Creek, Md, 3 friends and his FiveFingers. This was their last run of the day and, as Chris puts it, they tried to ride the bull and the bull won! Chris - we loved the triple shot sequence, but shot beautifully captured that "point of no return" feeling perfectly!

These final two photos were tough to pick between! We had to bring in a back-up judge to split the tie... It was a close one! Here's the runner up!

Ian Baens had this shot taken of him (ok, really just his leg and his Vibram FiveFinger KSOs) on the Rio Toro in Costa Rica this past July. Ian would like to send a shout out to the small drop in the river and the German dude that sent him overboard.

And now, without further ado, the winner:

William Mitchell spent his summer jumping from, what we assume, was a perfectly good plane in his FiveFingers. Crazy! We love it!

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