Let's Go Fishin'!

Hobie Kayaks recently announced that they'll be partnering with the Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) to be the presenting sponsor of the newly-formed IFA Kayak Fishing Tour. The IFA Kayak Fishing Tour offers an alternative for those anglers whose preference is for a non-motorized, self-propelled boat. The events will be held on Sundays, each one following a Saturday IFA Redfish Tournament designed for motorized boats of 15' and longer.

"Hobie Fishing, like the IFA, is dedicated to educating the fishing public on the importance of maintaining the country's fishing resources and promoting the friendly spirit of competition," commented Doug Skidmore, president of Hobie Cat Company.

So, after a little research on The Red Fish Tour's website, we're sad to say that it doesn't look like any of the tour stops will be coming to our neck of the woods. That doesn't mean, however, that they won't be coming to yours - so check! And even if you, like us, won't get to see a bunch of guys cruising in kayaks for the biggest fish in the pond, that doesn't mean you can't give kayak fishing a try.

There are a lot of benefits of kayak fishing vs. other methods:
* Lower cost of investment than a motorized boat
* Easier to transport than a motorized boat
* Long lifespan and virtually maintanence free
* The lack of noise means that you'll get in the fish faster than anyone with a motor
* The mobility of a kayak will allow you to go places a bigger, motorized boat can't go
* You'll be able to fish holes and locations you can't with a pair of waders
* And at the end of the day you'll get some exercise to get a head start on that BBQ & refreshments you plan to enjoy later

We sell a lot of boats at the shop that are suitable for kayak fishing. While most are multi-purpose, several are definitely focused on fishing. Of those boats, the Hobie fishing kayaks are definitely a stand out. It's hard to beat being able to propel with your feet, leaving your hands free for your rod and gear. Not only that, Hobie has a great line up of fishing accessories that will always guarantee a full Christmas wish list.

If you're in our area, we have Hobie's ready to go for rental/demo. Take them out and see what you think of kayak fishing!

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