Whitewater Photography Tutorials

Hood River is blessed with some amazing outdoor photographers, and we're lucky that a few of those folks specialize in paddling photography. If you're looking for some great whitewater eye candy, check out locals Erik Boomer (who just scored Wend's Sunday Slideshow) or whitewater photo legend, Jock Bradley.

Despite the abundance of nearby whitewater to practice on, most of us will never have the gift that Erik and Jock have, but that doesn't mean that we can't learn some tricks of the trade.

Enter Darin McQuoid, who is in the midst of writing a great series of tutorials on whitewater photography. Everything from camera selection to technical skills are covered and it looks like fine tuning is still on the horizon! So, don't just take pictures of your buddies huckin', read up and take GOOD pictures of your buddies huckin'.

photo by Jock Bradley

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