Kayak Shed Gear Swap For Sale List

We are sure that there will be more for sale, but here is the current list of gear we will have at the Kayak Shed Gear Swap on September 11th and 12th. If you have questions about anything for sale, feel free to call the Kayak Shed at 541-386-4286.

Kayak Shed Demos for Sale

Jackson 2 Fun (Lime Green) $699
Jackson Fun (Orange) $625
Jackson 4 Fun (Red) $750
Jackson Super Fun (Blue) $599
Jackson All Star (Yellow) $650
Jackson Monstar (Black/White) $725
Jackson Rocker (Lime Green) $575
Jackson Mega Rocker (Orange) $549
Jackson Villain S (Lime Green) $775
Jackson Super Hero (Yellow) $699
Dagger Nomad 8.1 (Green/White/Blue) $699
Pyranha Burn Large (2010, Blue/White) $775
Pyranha Burn Small (2010, Blue/White) $775
Pyranha Burn Medium (2010, Purple/black) $775
Perception Tribe (four available, Yellow)
Hobie Oasis (Red)
Hobie Outback (Yellow)
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 (Two available, red)
Native Ultimate 14.5 (Green)
Hobie Adventure Island (Yellow)

Wavesport Diesel 75 $650
Pyranha Inazone 220 $450
Pyranha Burn Medium (price not set by seller)
Pyranha Burn Large $700
Pyranha Burn Small $600
Pyranha Z One Large (new) $699
Pyranha Rev Large (new) $599
Jackson Super Fun $600
Jackson Hero $650
Jackson Punk Rocker (new) $690
Jackson Mega Rocker (new) $690
Jackson Super Hero $600
Dagger Agent 6.0 (price not set by seller)
Dagger FX 5.7 $300
Dagger G Force 6.1 $450
Dagger Kingpin 6.1 $500
Liquid Logic Skip $400
Necky Manitou Sport $500
Kokatat Gortex Meridian XL drysuit $600
NRS Flux Small Drytop $150