How to Winterize Your Kayak

We just received directions for winterizing your kayak from Hobie Kayaks and thought we would pass it along!

Winter Storage

Winterize - People living in freezing areas or areas prone to high wind damage should use common sense regarding winter or long term storage. Lower the mast, remove trampolines, lines and properly cover your boat to reduce UV, dirt and debris wear / damage to your hull and metal surfaces. All sails, trampolines, lines etc. should be removed and stored in a dry indoor location.

Mast up storage - is never recommended. High winds and constant motion of the rig can and will cause excessive wear and damage to the mast, rigging and hull components.

Freezing - of water trapped inside your boat can be quite damaging. Water expands with considerable force when it freezes. Just as pipes burst when left to freeze, water trapped in confined spaces can burst the structure of your boat. Mast receivers, Rod holder tubes, masts, hulls etc. should all be carefully inspected and drained of any water prior to the first freeze of the winter. Boats should be stored, covered or prepared in such a way as to prohibit water or snow from collecting on or in the boat.

Specific warning about water collection for Hobie Wave masts
The two piece design of the Hobie Wave mast allows for some water collection at the mast to CompTip joint. Water left in this location on masts left upright during freezing conditions has been known to fail the lower mast sealing plug. This allows water to drain into the lower mast over time which when freezing can cause the mast to expand and fail near the bottom of the mast.

Snow - The weight of snow collecting on top of a boat can be considerable. Boats should be stored in such a way as to limit the collection and damaging weight of large amounts of snow. Failure to keep snow weight off can cause damage or deformation of the keels at their contact points on a trailer or storage rack.

Reminder… damage caused by weather conditions is not covered by warranty.

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