It's A Classic!

Are you wondering which Vibram FiveFinger shoes to start with or which to add to your collection? With all this hoopla about the newest barefoot technology, I think we should look back to where it all started...the Vibram FiveFingers Classic. Since everyone seems to be shoe-ing up to the latest and greatest models, I challenge you to barefoot shoes were intended! Don't get me wrong, my Bikilas get a ton of use on the road, but there's nothing like the feeling of kicking around in a Classic (of course, besides actually being barefoot)!

There is something to the Classic. It is everything we love about barefoot shoes. It's minimal, there are no excess straps or fabric, it's easy and fast. Just slip it on and go. Most people who have tried on VFFs occasionally (or regularly, depending on how stubborn your toes are) end up with toes in the wrong spot, but putting your toes in the right place is much easier in the Classic.

In deciding what shoe to get, think of me. I have Vibram FiveFingers for every occasion. Road running (Bikila), work (Classic), trail running (KSO), trail running on hot days (Sprint), kayaking (Flow), and the collection grows on. But which shoe do I believe is most true to being barefoot? The Classic! Which shoe do I wear around town and in the office most? The Classic! If you are looking for a shoe that you can wear on a quick run or around town or lounging at home or to the yoga studio, don't forget the Vibram Classic!

But I am not the only one in love with the Classics. Check out why Justin at Birthday shoes loves his Classic FiveFingers here.