Crisper, Clearer Vision with Costa Sunglasses

We have always been big fans of Costa Sunglasses, but the 580 lens sets a new standard. The lens got its name from the 580 nanometer wavelength of the light spectrum that is especially hard on human eyes. The 580 lens filters out this "interference" light, to give you crisper colors and clearer views. The chart below shows how a typical lens filters light compared to the 580 lens. The Yellow line is a 580 lens: you can see how the yellow light is filtered out, while red, blue and green are amplified for greater clarity and sharpness of color.

The 580 lens is now available in glass (580G) and polycarbonate (580P). If you are looking for a lens that provides the most clarity, has long term scratch resistance, and the sharp look of a mirrored lens, the 580G glass lens is for you. It is 20% lighter than other glass lenses on the market (1.88mm vs 2.2mm thickness) and feature mirroring that is actually between glass layers, making it more durable and improves the impact strength of the glass lens. This also means that the mirroring cannot scratch off. Oh, and did we mention that it tends to remain cleaner longer, goodbye muck and salt.

The 580P lens is very lightweight and impact resistant, making it perfect for action sports. Most polycarbonate lenses on the market can be scratched quite easily, but Costa uses C-Wall coating on the 580P lenses, which makes them 10x more scratch resistant than most other polycarbonate lenses on the market.

Every lens that Costa makes is polarized, so you won't miss a jump. The 580 series takes everything that you love in the 400 series—stunning clarity, performance, quality—and improves on it.