Translating GORE-TEX® Names

Which GORE-TEX® is for you?

Until recently, I thought that all GORE-TEX® was created equally.  It was all the same to me.  As long as it had GORE-TEX® in it I was satisfied the product would do the job. However, this is not the case any more.  While researching the perfect ski jacket for myself I discovered that not only are there five different types of GORE-TEX®, but the technologies are all designed for a variety of specific jobs. Outdoor companies like Arc'teryx and Kokatat have been instrumental in the development of these materials and both companies applied them in their own designs to make a waterproof product for a day on the river or a day on the backcountry steeps. 

Performance Shell:

One garment, many activities. Whether you’re cycling, climbing, skiing or cruising around town, you can go from one activity to another but not have to change your jacket with GORE-TEX® Performance Shell. The Performance shell provides breathable comfort and durable waterproof protection in 2 or 3 layer fabrics. The 2 layer is supple and quite while the 3 layer is for more rugged use. (Panels in Kokatat’s Rogue Dry Top are Performance shell and ProShell offering maximum breathability and waterproofness.)

Kokatat Rogue

Paclite Shell:

An ideal lightweight companion for trekking, cycling, running, and other sports where weight and space are critical. GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell combines extreme breathability and durable wind- and waterproofness with minimum weight and pack volume. 

Arc'teryx Men's Beta SL Jacket

Soft Shell:

Freedom feels good. GORE-TEX® Soft Shell is the ideal fabric for a snowsport specific shell. The Soft Shell is durably waterproof, windproof, and of course super breathable. The less bulky GORE-TEX® Soft prevents that boxy feel other jackets get with multiple layering pieces underneath. 

Arc'teryx Women's Stingray Jacket
Arc'teryx Men's Sabre Pant

Active Shell:

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® Active Shell are built for extreme breathability and provide durable waterproof and windproof protection for optimum comfort, guaranteed. Featuring a lighter weight, streamlined 3 layer construction, this completely new class of waterproof garments delivers extreme breathability and excellent next to skin comfort. Active Shell is ideal for all weather athletes seeking durable protection and comfort during highly aerobic activities completed in a day such as trail running, mountain biking, and fast alpine ascent.

Pro Shell:

For a rough day outside GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL is the fabric outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts trust to perform in the face of extreme weather and tough conditions. Pro Shell has a specifically designed inner lining adding durability and moisture wicking. Made with the most rugged, most breathable, durably waterproof and windproof fabrics this GORE-TEX® is used in everything from mountaineering jackets to tough expedition grade drysuits. 

Kokatat Meridian Drysuit
Arc'teryx Women's Beta AR Jacket
Sweet's Prophecy Drytop

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