Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013 : Day 1

Here we are, back at Outdoor Retailer - the outdoor recreationalists version of a very large candy store! As we have for the last few years, we'll be bringing you pictures and insights to the new stuff we see in our meetings with our vendors as well as just cool stuff we run across. Shoot - maybe this year we'll even run a poll or two to see if you'd want something added to the store! So, here we go...


Kokatat has some great new colors coming out next year. If you've been patching that drytop to the point where your buddies question whether there's more Gore-Tex or duct tape, now might be the time to up your steeze quotient and your core temperature at the same time!

New Product...? 

Find yourself in need of a water-resistant, shock-resistant speaker that not only connects to your Bluetooth enabled device, but recharges it...? Braven has the speaker for you! Thinking this might be the perfect addition to our summer paddling adventures. Wonder what tunes the fish like...?

Sure, it looks like a really intense satellite TV system... but it's actually a solar stove! Time to leave those propane canisters at home!

Liquid Logic

We know our brothers-from-another-mother out on the east coast love them some crickin' action as much as we do out west and they do a dang fine job of making the tools to git 'er dun!  Need to get yourself down that crick in a speedy fashion but don't want the slog out to kill your buzz? Say howdy-doo to the Stinger and the Stinger XP, your 12.5' new best friend! The XP includes a hatch and  a skeg, taking nothing away from the speed while adding a lot of versatility. 


Way to hit it out of the park, Stohlquist! If you're a sea kayaker, this needs to go on your Christmas list! Made from material that breathes better in a salt water environment than Gore-Tex, not only is this a great looking and functioning dry suit, but the bells and whistles reset the bar. A zip that goes around the neck makes on and off a snap (or a zip) and the iThing pocket with ear phone jack will keep you groovin' while you're paddling!

We are diggin' the looks of the new Edge PFD. The production model will come complete with a knife patch on the chest to keep safety front and center.

What's better than a super solid bootie that can go from boat to SUP to windsurf board with ease? One that does it at the low low price of $30! For that price, you can get a pair for your gear bag, one to stash in your car and one to stash in your office... so you're always ready to play! 

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