Summer fun in the Hobie Kayaks Tandem Island

We've posted pictures before of our adventures paddling (peddling) the Hobie Kayaks Tandem Island around our on-water location on the Columbia River. This summer, we've been getting the rigging up on our shiny new demo boat and doing a lot more sailing. I think it's safe to say we've been enjoying ourselves! Any questions on this boat, give us a call - we love talking about how much fun it is!

Our first mate helping to rig the boat.

Getting under way, view from the captain's chair.

Picking up the wind! It gets a little splashy up front... 

But our first mate didn't seem to mind!

The captain and his first mate taking a well deserved lunch break on a sand bar! 

Stay tuned for our next posting of one of our new favorite activities with Tandem Island - fishing! It looks like we're not the only ones learning how fun this boat can be to cast from!

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