Heroes On The Water

As we head into the 4th of July weekend, we thought we'd take a break from our usual broadcasting to thank those who have provided the independence we are so privileged to celebrate!

Heroes on the Water (HOW) is a great organization that helps veterans from all branches of the US military to unwind using the therapeutic nature of kayak fishing. Whether a warrior's scars are visible or not, all can benefit from spending time on the water in a long term, supportive environment.

We have  been lucky enough to work with these fine folk, organizing a fund raising bass tournament here in our home town of Hood River, OR. We're happy to say that the great fishermen and women that came out to support the tournament & other fundraising efforts allowed us to write a check to our local chapter of HOW for $2250. Just a very small thank you for lives dedicated to service and steep prices paid, but it was definitely heart felt from all involved!

HOW is free to the veterans it serves - every contribution goes to help a returning warrior get on the water and "calm the storm inside". If you're looking for a great organization to support, HOW is volunteer led and makes every dollar count!

Another way to help out that will take nothing more than a minute of your time, is to vote for HOW in the Canoe & Kayak Awards. Help these folks get the recognition they so richly deserve!

A big thank you to the local chapter of HOW for letting us get involved, a big thank you to the warriors served by HOW for the sacrifices they've made and many thanks to all veterans for giving us the independence we get to celebrate this weekend!

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