Punchbowl Falls Park: Board of Commissioners Meeting Thursday March 19 at 5 pm

Location: 601 State Street, Board of Commissioners Meeting Room 

The Board of Commissioners will be meeting on Thursday night to consider the Park Advisory Committee's plan for Punchbowl Falls as a County Park. It is very important that the community attend this meeting to show their support for the project. 

Those of you who formerly used Copper Dam Road to access the Hood River know only too well that public river access through private property is a very precarious thing. Public ownership of Punchbbowl Falls as a County Park is the best way to preserve access in perpetuity. If you value the Punchbowl Falls property as a community asset, please come and let the commissioners know that they should protect and preserve it for future generations. 

If you can't make the meeting, send the Commissioners an email 

Write a letter 

This is a once in a generation opportunity to save a magical spot for public use. Community support is what will make it a reality. We need support letters to submit with the County's grant application for acquistion funding from Oregon Parks and Recreation. Share the story of why you love the property and why it should be a public park. Letters can be sent to Heather Staten