Arcteryx Epsilon AR Jacket - Outdoor Gear Review

Arcteryx Epsilon AR Jacket - Outdoor Gear Review

We just brought in a couple Arc'teryx jackets. They are amazing. And expensive. So I thought I'd find a review on one of the jackets we got in. Found this one from

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Softshell jackets combine insulation, wind resistance, and water repellency into a package which is compact, durable, and versatile. The beauty of softshell jackets is that they do many things well, and thus can replace several more specialized items in a pack.

The Arcteryx Epsilon AR jacket Womens and Arcteryx Epsilon AR jacket Mens is a perfect example of why softshells have become so popular of late. Weighing in at just under a pound (14 oz), this jacket is a carefully constructed feature-laden choice for aerobic activities in moderate climates with unpredictable and dynamic weather. Features like the high collar, stretch wrist gussets, multiple pockets, and great colors add to the appeal of this jacket.

The fit and feel of both the Arcteryx Epsilon AR jacket Womens and Arcteryx Epsilon AR jacket Mens is impressive. The jacket is cut to allow for maximum mobility and flexibility. The gusseted wrists keep the sleeves comfortably above the wrists, and the broad cut in the shoulders allow for great freedom of movement. The low cut in the back of the jacket did a superb job of minimizing biking “asscrackery” even while mashing up Washington's steepest singletrack climbs.

Field testing this jacket put water repellency and wind resistance to the test. This jacket was used as an outer layer for bicycle commutes requiring high aerobic effort and wicked precipitation beautifully. Likewise this jacket was worn during several days spent sailing in moderate wind, rain, and even some hail in Puget Sound. The wind resistancy is impressive. Water repellency is good too, shedding most precipitation and soaking through only during significant downpours or after extended exposure, and then drying quickly. The jacket seems best suited to temperatures above 50 degrees or so, although the addition of thermal layers underneath would make this jacket a perfect choice for aerobically demanding activity on much colder days.


My first very first softshell I acquired in November of 2005 and I pretty much lived in it for the next 22 months, but frequently found it too warm and too bulky, especially if I knew a good workout was imminent. This jacket picks up where the other leaves off, providing a great option throughout all seasons. First frost has yet to come to Seattle this season, but I am confident that with a thermal layer (or two) underneath, this jacket will perform like a champ all winter long.

Thanks for the review Raz Barnea from Had to give them props for poaching their great review of both the Arcteryx Epsilon AR jacket Womens and Arcteryx Epsilon AR jacket Mens .
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