Vibram Five Fingers Review

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My wife has had ankle, knee and lower back problems for years know and I finally decided to do something about it. After all the research that I could do over the net and the few contacts I have in the chiropractor community I’ve come to the conclusion that training and emulating the idea of being barefoot can do wonders for lower body strength, agility and balance. Heavily cushioned shoes and fancy arch supports just make your feet dumb and act as a temporary solution. Until you strengthen the tiny stabilizer muscles on the bottom of your feet you may always suffer from lower back, hip, knee and even ankle pain. Although all my research lead me initially to the nike free series of shoes I’ve finally found something even better. It’s the Vibram five finger shoes. Although kinda funky looking they will grow on you. This is the same company that makes specialty soles for military boots. After just one day with these shoes my wife’s knee, ankle pain has almost completely disappeared. Her feet also have felt some relieve from the spreading of the toes and awareness that these shoes make you feel. Even though they are a little ridiculous looking people who use the pose method of running have even begin to do marathons in the newer version called the vibram fivefinger sprint. If you can find a store near you that has them I recommend that you go and just try them on and walk around for a couple of minutes you’ll be surprised at how good these shoes feel. Although I won’t get a pair until the end of the month I think these shoes would be ideal to do any kind of training in. Especially combat sports where your forced to go barefoot during tournaments.

another Vibram Five Fingers review
Vibram Five Finger Review
Vibram Fivefinger Review
Vibram Fivefinger review

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