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Vibram fivefinger
We brought the Vibram five finger classic mens and Vibram five finger classic womens in a couple years ago obviously for paddling shoes ... but so many people are using them for barefoot running it amazes me Especially the Vibram five finger Sprint Mens and Vibram Five Finger Sprint womens. Since I'm no runner I thought I'd let you know what some runners are saying out there. Here's one from Laura Moncur at had to say about these

If bare-foot running seems a little too extreme for you, these shoes are supposed to give you the same benefits of running barefoot while still giving you some protection from rocks, glass and pinecones.
Vibram five fingers
I don’t know if I believe it. It looks like hype to me. I know that barefoot running is supposed to protect some people from injury, but I am still addicted to my running shoes. I love how they feel and I never have any blisters. Of course, I’m running a lot less miles every week than the people who are benefitting from barefoot running, so I don’t have much to say about the stress and trauma that people training for a marathon endure.
Here's another one from
I will preface this post by saying I’m what many would call a minimalist runner. I wear extremely light, low on structure shoes and have enjoyed doing some barefoot running as well. I’m not into wearing shoes that are full of structure and support. I believe in strengthening my feet - not buying shoes that do the work for me. The shoe I’m about to talk about fits right into my kind of running.
I just tried the vibram five finger shoe I’ve been talking about. I ran 30 minutes in them today during my lunch break.
Wow. I’m beyond impressed. I’m even considering not starting barefoot running again and running in the five fingers instead.
See, the unfortunate thing for me here in Canada is that our long cold winter makes barefoot running pretty much impossible for about six months of the year and that means during those six months I lose all the conditioning (i.e. toughening up) on the soles of my feet and I have to start all over again in the spring. (holy runon sentence Batman!).
Enter the vibram five fingers. Oh. My. God. Today was wonderful. The shoe is so close to barefoot running. I get 90% of the sensation of barefooting with virtually no pain or discomfort when stepping on rocks and twigs and stuff.
Get this, I did about 15 minutes on pavement and 15 minutes on dirt, gravel and mud trails. During the trail run, I could feel the ground - I could even feel the texture of sand. And nothing hurt. I was almost barefooting on trails without conditioning my feet. It was awesome!
The only discomfort I ever felt was when I’d run over a sharp piece of gravel. I’d feel a slight jab, let my reflexes take action and it would be over quickly with no harm done.
I did get a couple small blisters on each of my big toes. What’s interesting about that was that they were in the same place as the blisters I got at the beginning of barefoot running last year. So, it may be a bit of lazy form. I’ll keep an eye on that.
But I already love these shoes. They might end up replacing my loyal Puma H-Streets.
Oh, and good news for Canadians - the Vibram Five Fingers will soon be available in canada.
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Hope this helps some of you out. I love both the Vibram Five Finger Classic Mens as well as the Vibram FiveFinger Sprint. Good luck if you're not sure brtween the two go with the Vibram FiveFinger Sprint
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